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What We Do

Continuous Search for Knowledge and Skills

Our organization is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and advanced Infrastructure set up. Our people have been able to hold expertise over this domain.Owing to his in-depth knowledge and vast industrial experience, we have been able to explore dimensions and scale new heights of success.


Dermatology & Personal Care Or Specialized Products For Cosmetics

ANTI-AGING Biopeptides Caviar Collagen Type II Elastin Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Type II Placenta Extract (GMP) COSMECEUTICAL Bovine Serum Albumin Caviar Collagen Type II Elastin Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Type II Placenta Extract (GMP) Thymomodulin (GMP) SKIN IMMUNE HEALTH Native Chicken Collagen Type II Thymomodulin (GMP) WOUND HEALING Bionuclease (GMP) Placenta Extract (GMP) Thrombin (GMP)


Human Health

GASTROENTEROLOGY HEALTH Intrinsic Factor Lactulose (GMP) Bulk & Finished prod. Pepsin (GMP) IMMUNE HEALTH Thymomodulin (GMP) IRON DEFICIENCY Hem Iron JOINT HEALTH Caviar Collagen Type II Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Type II Native Chicken Collagen Type II LIVER HEALTH Liver Extract Liver Hydrolysate Liver Powder ORAL HEALTH Saliva (Medical Device) ORGAN HEALTH Bacteriological Meat Pepton Brain Powder Eye Powder Gall Bladder Gastric Mucin NNR Heart Powder Hypothalamus Powder Kidney Powder Liver Extract Liver Hydrolysate Ovary Powder Ox Bile Powder Pineal Powder Pituitary Powder Spinal Powder Stomach Powder Thymus Extract PROSTATE HEALTH Prostate Extract (GMP) THYROID HEALTH Thyroid USP (GMP)


Biopharma Qc Testing Kits

DNase /RNase assay Kit(fluorescence) High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit(≥2000nt) High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit(<2000nt) DNase assay Kit(Fluorescence) RNase assay Kit(Fluorescence) UltraNuclease ( GMP Class) Ultra Nuclease Assay Kit (ELISA) Recombinant Trypsin Recombinant Trypsin Assay Kit(ELISA) Trypsin Assay Kit(ELISA)


Vaccine Raw Materials

Our company’s policy is integrated with client-centric approaches and as a reason enabled our firm to make our clientele satisfied to utmost level.